Recipes for Tiny Farm Vegetables

Lessons Learned:

Early in 2017, I signed-up for one the “fresh meals” programs for a couple weeks.  These programs sent enough fresh food (vegetables, meats, spices) to prepare three meals for two people.  A meal is comprised of an entrée and a side for about $60/week.

My first impression:

  • The quantities where small and precise, for example the radish tacos meal (makes 2 two taco meals) came with 3/4 pound ground beef, 3 radishes, 4 corn tortillas, 2 tiny green onions, an ounce of cheese, a lime, and taco spice. Every bit on the ingredients were used making the 4 regular-sized tacos.  A single sweet potato was included to make the side dish.
  • The quality of the ingredients were good. They were well packaged, delivered in an flexible cooler in a cardboard box with two large ice packs.
  • The key component of the box and the whole program was the 8×11 recipe sheet, laminated in plastic, with large pictures and detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to “assemble” the meal.

So for $20 I was getting four tacos and a sweet potato, I wasn’t thrilled. After 30 minutes prep and cooking, following the instruction to the letter, I assembled the meal and served.

Surprising the radish salsa on the tacos was quite good, I had never heard of radish salsa.  The lime juice, green onion, and sliced radishes made a tasty, crunchy topping for the spicy meat in the tortilla. But my issue was that paying almost $20 for maybe $7 of ingredients and then spending 45 minutes in the kitchen cooking and cleaning wasn’t going to be a sustainable meal program for Annie and I.  But, the radish salsa was good and on the farm we usually have radishes and green onion, how could I come up with new recipes using Tiny Farm vegetables that were at hand?

Enter Yummly –   A kitchen tools that allows searching for recipes by ingredient.  You just go to, enter the ingredient (or multiple ingredients)  and then press enter (or the little magnifying glass) on the search bar next to the Yummly logo. Yummly works well on my phone too.

My field test, using “radish salsa” on the search line yielded MANY radish salsa recipes, each with a beautiful picture of the finished product.  I am sold on the tool as the best way to get recipes for Tiny Farm produce and I hope customers give Yummly a try.

We will continue to maintain the Tiny Farm recipe page, as that is the perfect place for quick recipes and customer favorites.

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