Well, we at least have the illusion of catching up

There’s really no such thing as catching up with the work to do on a farm.  There is always something else to do at the end of the day.  However, we’ve gotten lots checked off our weekly to-do list so far.  In addition to the normal planting, watering, and harvesting, the trellises are up for the most recent cuke planting, the tomato stakes are in,  the sides on the little hoops taken down to allow for more airflow, and a good dent has been made in the weeds.  Much of the credit for this work goes to Brent, who has been pulling some very long weeks to get stuff done.


Busy, busy, busy

Our blog posts have been a bit limited of late.  That’s because we’ve been busy, busy, busy at the farm.  The past two and a half weeks have been full of pulling out over-mature spring crops, putting in summer crops in our field area, and lots of harvesting.

Our early plantings of tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in the hoops are coming along nicely, and all of them have tiny fruit growing on them.  I can’t wait for summer veggies!

We’ll have some new spring favorites to tide us over until then this week:  sugar snap peas and fava beans.

Now, if I could just get caught up on weeding…



We walked into one of our new little hoops this morning to discover that the arugula was perfect for harvesting.  Now, normally I’m not a big fan of harvesting arugula as it can be a bit back-breaking to cut plants that grow so low to the ground, but having such a perfect, full bed to harvest was truly a joy.

I know many of you having been looking forward to more of our arugula after several weeks of it’s unplanned absence (we had poor germination for two plantings).  I am happy to report we will have it at market this week, and (hopefully) weekly thereafter.



Why a Blog?

After two years working with the team, writing a weekly newsletter, it became obvious all the effort and good work by the team had too short of a “lifespan”.  Jessi’s and Aurora’s posts were quickly lost and never had the chance to become a narrative of life working on Tiny Farm.

Hopefully this blog allows you to view and “catch-up” on the farm happenings.

Plus you can comment too!