Farm Status

Tiny Farm is Closing

Details will be posted soon

At the end of June, our succession plan for Chase’s departure was upended as his replacement suddenly left the farm 3 days after Chase left for Oregon.  This left us with a single employee who had just recently started. We tried to hire an experienced farmer to assist, which is very difficult to do during a growing season.  But we could not find anyone with the experience and commitment to the quality we expect during the past 7 weeks..  One August 1st, the sole “farmer” left, leaving the farm without any help.  On August 2, we hired a young man without any farm experience, Gabby.  Gabby has been with us for 7 weeks now using his prior experience in a restaurant kitchen to facilitate harvest and preparation of the crops for sale.  Annie took over watering, weeding and caring for the crops, while Mark cleared fields and planted and cared for thousands of seedlings.  We also hired several other “workers” during the last 8 weeks,  none of them (with the exception of Myron who started about a week ago) were willing to work the hours and with the intensity necessary to succeed.

When we started, August 2nd only 15 beds of 43 beds in the hoop houses had viable crops planted and growing.  The 16 beds in the main field were overrun with weeds, requiring that we bush-hog and plow the entire area.  The back field was overgrown with 4 foot high weeds, with nothing planted.  Six week later 25 beds are planted in the hoop houses and 4 beds in the field.

First is the report of all vegetables planted and growing as of September 21st, those highlighted in green will be harvested for market.    Vegetables Growing

The second report shows our progress planting and preparing beds, much work remains with time running out as winter approaches.  Plantings by Location

Tiny Farm uses a custom computer application to manage and plan the farms activities and progress. With reports from the system we will attempt  to keep you informed.