Carla’s Corner (humor)

March 20


If you want that healthy glow,
Dandelion greens are the way to go.
And full of Vitamins A and K,
You will have a good night’s sleep,
And ready to tackle the new day.

Tiny Farm has an ample store,
So eat well and live till 104!


July 3


If, in your many yearnings,
You are wondering what to seek–
Why not try out something new:
That delicacy whose name is LEEK?

June 27

 Try one carrot
 And you’ll want two.
 Before you know it–
You’ve eaten a slew!

June 20


It’s time to try a lovely squash
From Tiny Farm’s array.
The more you eat, the more you’ll want
Is all that I can say.

June 13


 Cabbages are finally here,
 To supplement an iced-cold beer.
 Time to sit back and relax:
With sauerkraut and corned beef hash!

May 2


Although its name is “Tiny,”
Its blessings are so big,
That when I eat its lettuce,
I become a terrible Pig!

May 23


A good tomato
Is hard to beat —
And Tiny Farm grows
The most elite!

May 16

Salad Mix

I used to say “nix”
To salad mix.
But, now, it’s how,
I get my kicks!

May 9

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard could never
Make me smile —
But now I eat it
By the pile!

May 31


When I buy beets from Tiny Farm,
I always eat the stems.
They’re good for heart and soul alike,
As well as aching limbs!

June 7

Broccoli Raab

Broccoli Raab is such a treat
And Tiny Farm’s is extra sweet!
Once you’ve tasted, you’ll want more–
And filled with vitamins galore!

Carla Shuford – Tiny Farm’s Poet

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