We walked into one of our new little hoops this morning to discover that the arugula was perfect for harvesting.  Now, normally I’m not a big fan of harvesting arugula as it can be a bit back-breaking to cut plants that grow so low to the ground, but having such a perfect, full bed to harvest was truly a joy.

I know many of you having been looking forward to more of our arugula after several weeks of it’s unplanned absence (we had poor germination for two plantings).  I am happy to report we will have it at market this week, and (hopefully) weekly thereafter.




Why a Blog?

After two years working with the team, writing a weekly newsletter, it became obvious all the effort and good work by the team had too short of a “lifespan”.  Jessi’s and Aurora’s posts were quickly lost and never had the chance to become a narrative of life working on Tiny Farm.

Hopefully this blog allows you to view and “catch-up” on the farm happenings.

Plus you can comment too!