Summer Lettuce at Tiny Farm

We have spent over 10 years developing our process to grow lettuce through the hot, humid North Carolina Summers for our customers.  We wanted lettuce grown in rich fertile soils utilizing our biological approach to farming – no hydroponics or soil-less methods.  Our concern was that vegetables grow without rich soils and biology could be less nutritious and lack the flavor profile of “naturally” grown lettuces.  We always strive to produce the best.

Getting lettuce to germinate in warm conditions is a problem – we accomplish this in our “April Germination Room” using lights and cool temperature to coax seed germination is the starting point.

Grow Room Aug 22 2015

Using our “Germination Room” and then shade we nurture the transplants – never allowing them to get exposure to the full summer conditions.


After 3-4 weeks into the ground they go, in our shaded hoop houses.  Equipped with drip irrigation and a “micro-sprinkler” system.

Hoop 5 Sprayers Aug 22 2015

Approximately 3-4 weeks later the small tender heads are ready for market!

Panisse Lettuce Aug 22 2015

This is lettuce on August 22 2015


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