Introducing the Beetles! (ladybird beetles or ladybugs)

This year’s weather has been all mixed up – resulting in the delay of many of our crops.  Beyond the crops, the weather has had an effect on our biological control system for insect pests.  Maybe its been the lack of sunny days or the fluctuations in temperature, but the aphids came out in force to dine on a few of our crops.ladybird beetles  Normally about the time the aphids arrive we begin to see the ladybird beetles arrive and begin their snacking on the aphids.  After a couple of weeks waiting for more volunteers for our home army of beneficial insects, we sent out for reinforcements – 18,000 hungry ladybird beetles from our supplier ARBICO.  They arrived in 2 days and in the evening, after the farmers markets on Saturday, Annie and I released portions of a large bag of these wonderful pest managers in all the hoop houses and the field.  It’s been great seeing them at work as we harvest and work the fields.

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