Surviving a Taste of Winter

A recent cold snap has help to remind us how lucky we have been with the mild weather this winter. Anticipation of temperatures plunging into the teens was enough to cause a flurry of activity this weekend with all of us putting extra frost blankets over all our lettuce and other tender greens, and taping up drafty spots on our hoop corners. A sudden cold spell after mild weather has a much higher risk of frost damage for plants than a gradual cooling. I think we were all a bit nervous this weekend while we wondered if we would still have lettuce on Monday. I was greatly relieved to find our lettuce alive and perky this morning when Todd and I pulled off the frost blankets. Our spinach (which is extremely cold hardy) looked actually better than it did before the frost. Cold weather usually triggers the plants to raise the sugar content of their leaves so, hopefully, this taste of winter will translate into sweeter veggies at market this week.


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