We want your feedback!

Dear veggie box customers,

Thank you so incredibly much for your support for our spring veggie box program!  Knowing that we could count on you week after week has really helped us out, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed our farm-fresh, sustainably grown veggies.  We are transitioning from spring to summer veggies in the last few weeks of our spring box program, and we’d like your feedback so we know what you want to see in future spring (and fall) boxes.

This is your chance to have a say on what goes into the boxes, so please let us know!

What cool season vegetables would you like to see more of next time?
What cool season vegetables would you like to see less of?
What vegetables do we need to improve the quality of?
What vegetables were exceptionally pleasing in their quality?
Are you interested in signing up for our 12 week summer box program?

Also, let us know what summer veggies you pine for most (and least), and any other feedback that you’ve been wanting to give.

Thank you again!


One Reply to “We want your feedback!”

  1. Everything is great. We would be interested. Love tomatoes, eggplants, onions, squash, but get the box especially for lettuce in the summer!

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