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Mark Hockney…

Being a 5th generation farmer originally from Indiana, descended from farmers and harvesters from the English countryside, I truly have farming in my genome.

From the experience perspective, I been fortunate enough to see “farming” through the benefit of a college education, the history and voices of a couple generations of close family, and almost 60 years of actual hands-on experience.

I’ve always been one with a scientific view of farming, generating years and years of data collected on a daily basis.  Understanding the complexities of the biological and environmental web that supports the production of nutritious and safe food motivates me, quick and dirty commercial “silver bullet” approaches do not.  Neither do I accept all the rules of “Organic Agriculture” as gospel, there exists plenty of wonderful alternatives to accomplish to goal of safe nutritious food.  And, above all, I view farming as a profession, not a lifestyle

A successful farm must be profitable, afford it’s farmers and staff with resources to properly care for their families.  The farm must also provide the resources to properly care for the land, animals and environment in which it exists.  It is my opinion, that farms that depend on under-paid labor, internships that are not majority educational, and outside subsidies to stay in business should be avoided by consumers – as they harm the community of sound sustainable farms.

Tiny Farm is probably my final iteration of a sustainable,customer focused farm.   Tiny Farm is the beginning (hopefully) of many more iterations of the farm for Chase and the others assisting and following him.

PS  Here is a picture of the “home” place in Indiana. Note the green field, it’s an 40 acre field that was once the location of an orchard, many barns and corn cribs, pasture for 100 sheep, cattle and plots of grains/cover crops. My folks still live there and the land is actively farmed, its deep, black sandy loam soil with a water table 6-7 feet below the surface.

More to come….