Tiny Farm

Vegetable Box – November 8th


Large head of Muir Oak-leaf lettuce

A bag of Savoyed-leaf Spinach

Pound of Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes

A bag of Arugula

A bunch of Swiss Chard

The Replacement Hoop House Arrived


Friday around 2 pm Friday, we received a 40 trailer load of steel and plastic to rebuild the two “hoops” destroyed in the February ice and snow storm>  I will take us at least of couple of months to completely rebuild the original 30 x 72 ft. structures.

Carla’s Corner – Farm Humor

 July 3

If, in your many yearnings,
You are wondering what to seek–
Why not try out something new:
That delicacy whose name is LEEK?

June 27
 Try one carrot
 And you’ll want two.
 Before you know it–
You’ve eaten a slew!

June 20
It’s time to try a lovely squash
From Tiny Farm’s array.
The more you eat, the more you’ll want
Is all that I can say.

June 13
 Cabbages are finally here,
 To supplement an iced-cold beer.
 Time to sit back and relax:
With sauerkraut and corned beef hash!

May 2

Although its name is “Tiny,”
Its blessings are so big,
That when I eat its lettuce,
I become a terrible Pig!

May 23

A good tomato
Is hard to beat –
And Tiny Farm grows
The most elite!

May 16

I used to say “nix”
To salad mix.
But, now, it’s how,
I get my kicks!

May 9

Swiss chard could never
Make me smile –
But now I eat it
By the pile!

May 31

When I buy beets from Tiny Farm,
I always eat the stems.
They’re good for heart and soul alike,
As well as aching limbs!

June 7 Read More

Oct 18, 2014 – SIMPLE Box

tiny farm
  • Bunch of Zeppo Red Beets
  • Bag of Super Salad Mix
  • Bunch of Win Win Pac Choi
  • Bunch of Tuscan Black Kale
  • A large head of Panisse Oak Leaf Lettuce

July 12th Vegetable Box

Each week, our goal is to provide a couple leafy greens for salads and one cooking green as part ofeach week’s box. During the summer salad greens are scarce at most farms and demand lots of extra effort to grow during June-September. At Tiny Farm we grow the lettuce seedling in a room where the temperature and day-length mimics March – at significant expense. Tender cooking greens are grown from transplants to keep them tender and sweet. As box customers you get the “pick” of what we have available for the work – some weeks are better than others ( we can’t control the environment for the whole growing season for each crop.

This week you will dine on some great produce:

A head of Cherokee Leaf Lettuce
A pound box of sweet Cherry Tomatoes
Bunch of tender Black Summer Pac Choi
Pound of new baby Yukon Gold Potatoes
A bag of Salad Mix, featuring baby kale, chard, and tatsoi
Large Leek

June 7 – Vegetable Box

  • Bag of Lettuce Mix for our many varieties of Salanova Lettuce
  • Bunch of Zeppo red Beets
  • Bag of Salad Mix
  • Pound of Broccoli Spears
  • A large Leek

Feb 6 2014 Salad Mix


BEETS AUDIO – another Tiny Farm innovation!


Chase has perfected the first organic and edible headphones for vegans, chefs, and locavores, may require more frequent ear cleaning, but fully compostable.  Will include a free set in one of our weekly vegetable boxes.  We haven’t tested the “roasted” version yet.


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