Vegetables for March 15th

It’s no surprise that the weather this Spring has slowed down most vegetables growth. Some of our earlier plantings in February have failed from being too cold and lacking sunshine. On the bright side, we will have lots of great lettuce this Saturday! This week’s box will include:

tiny farm

Tiny Farm

-1 head multileaf lettuce
-1 head salanova lettuce
-1 bunch carrots/beets/turnips
-1 bunch kale/chard
-1 bag arugula

This week we’ve also been prepping the fields to plant peppers and tomatoes and are prepping the fields for dandelion greens.

Saturday March 8, 2014

We lost power around 7 am on Friday, keeping us from updating the website and the store.  We attended market is spite of the icy roads early in the morning.  The reception at the market was great and we sold out very quickly as the weather improved to a sunny and comfortable day for the shoppers.

This week’s box contained:

  • A couple lettuces – a nice leaf lettuce and a fancy Salanova style
  • A bag of salad mix featuring baby tasoi
  • Hakurei (white salad turnips) turnips bunched with their tasty greens
  • A bunch of sweet tender collards

Vegetables for March 1

This week’s box includes:

-1 head leaf lettuce
-1 head tri-leaf lettuce
-1 bag spinach
-1 bunch carrots/beets
-1 bunch black summer pac choi/han tsai tai asian greens

Vegetables for February 22

collapsed hoop house

Collapsed hoop house from snow and wind

This week Tiny Farm had two of our hoop houses collapse due to heavy snow and wind. We’re grateful that the vegetables underneath were hearty and about 90% of them survived. This hasn’t stopped us from operating at full production and, as promised, we are at market 52 weeks a year. This week’s box will include:

-1 head Cherokee lettuce
-Salad mix and baby arugula
-Win Win Tchoi

We also finished planting in the field. We’re looking forward to selling kale, broccoli, cauliflower, dandelion greens and lettuce this spring.


Vegetables for February 15th

farming snow tiny farm

Tiny Farm in the Snow

Good morning from Tiny Farm! Take a peek outside our windows at the white blanket of snow covering the farm. As professional farmers, we haven’t let this year’s winter slow us down. Despite snow drifts and cold weather, we’re still growing our signature high-quality, fresh, local vegetables. We are truly a 52 weeks a year operation. While we’ve sustained unusually high damage from snow and ice, we still have produce for our SIMPLE Box subscribers. Here’s what to expect:

  • 2 heads of tri-leaf lettuce and spinach
  • Salad Mix with tatsoi
  • Kale, collards or chard

This week we’ve also been opening up more field space for Spring and Summer production. We’re hoping the weather follows suit!

Vegetables for February 8th

salad mix

February 6th Salad Mix

It’s been an exciting week at Tiny Farm. We’re finally getting back outside and planting in our fields. We’ve also taken steps to update our blog and Twitter feed to help keep our customers informed about what veggies they can expect from us each week (follow us @TinyFarm). Mother Nature must have wanted to send us an early Valentine’s day gift because this week’s SIMPLE Box has taken on a somewhat romantic feel featuring Kismy (pronounced “kiss me”) lettuce and salad mix that will make your heart skip a beet (green). Ok, enough of the word play, here’s what’s in this week’s box!

  • 2 Multi-Leaf lettuces including Kismy
  • Salad mix with: beet greens and Red Russian kale as accents
  • a bunch of Toscano kale, Champion collards, or Rainbow chard as cooking greens
  • a bunch of sweet Napoli Carrots or Zeppo Beets

What’s Growing in 2014?

Even though we’ve reached record cold during the start of the 2014 growing year, we have been very busy planting vegetable seeds. Our plants start in trays that produce transplants for later planting, the early crops go directly into the ground.

New this year for our box customers are a bed of Oregon Giant Snow Peas. These peas were planted on February 3rd in one of our most sunny beds in the field. We are hoping for a couple crops of 4-5″ sweet tender peas in March or early April.

Oregon Giant

Also new is Babybeat. They are a new variety of small tender beets from Johnny’s Seeds that we hope will be super tasty and easy to prepare.  They were planted in the field on February 3rd as well. The end of March is their target harvest date.