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    Signing up for the SIMPLE Box Program is a subscription to our vegetables. Membership in the program provides you with a box of 4-5 of Tiny Farm’s best products every week without the worry that we will sell…

Snow Feb 26 2015

Farm News

  Employment opportunities, news items, updates.  There is always something new going on at Tiny Farm.

After pondering the significance of Cation Exchange and Boron availability, AARF he says!

Farm Wisdom

Everyday is an opportunity to enhance our existing knowledge, develop new insights, and evolve our operations here at Tiny Farm.         . . .                                                                            . .                                                                           .     Mark Hockney… Being a 5th generation farmer originally…

Life on the Farm

We will be at the Market Saturday!

Lettuce, Salad Mix, Arugula, Spinach, Kale, Collards, and Chard  We are still not getting the sunny days needed to generate the quantities of tender greens and lettuce we need for market.  We also expect to be impacted by a 20 degree Friday morning, so…

We Have an Opportunity for a Vegetable Farmer

We have an opportunity for aspiring farmer to join our team, producing high quality vegetables outside of Hillsborough, NC.  We are a successful, sustainable vegetable farm, in business for over 10 years. We are in the process of expanding our…

We’re going to market Saturday, but…….

We got over 7 inches of snow and not much sunlight this week, so supplies will be very low. This was our driveway at 7 am Thursday:  

SIMPLE Vegetable Box – March 7

A head of tender Salanova lettuce Bunch of Swiss Chard or Cabbage Collards A bag of our Super salad Mix A bag of sweet crisp Spinach Baby Red Russian Kale or small Collards leaves for quick braise

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Vegetable Transplants for Your Home Garden

This week we will begin bringing  small amounts of vegetable transplants, for your homes gardens, to the market. These starts will be available in standard plastic 6-packs, or (better yet) in soil blocks. These are exactly  the starts we use for our own…

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SIMPLE Vegetable Box – February 28

After the Snow harvest: Head of Lettuce Large Bag of Salad Mix Bag of Arugula Bag of Spinach Bunch of Collards

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